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Anonymous asked:
have u ever read a fic so beautiful u cried,,,,because im sobbing over p&p 

i sob over your comments every day, if that counts

Anonymous asked:
i love you 


Anonymous asked:
i just got higher than i ever have on weed from clicking confirm payment on the p&p zine tbh 


Anonymous asked:
Hey I love you, hope you have a good day and feel better Xxx 

thank you, i love you too!

Anonymous asked:
hello!! first off just wanted to say that i LOVE p&p, possibly the best fic I've ever read. i feel like this is a (possibly) rude question but how many chapters are left in the story on ao3 and when do you think the full story would be uploaded online? i would of course buy the zine but i am low on the cashola rn so i can't :( once again love the story so I'm sorry if my question came out wrong or rude or any thing like that 

not rude at all dear!! there’s 22, maybe 23 chapters which i THINK is seven more?? so 14 months until it’s finished. sorry the wait is gonna be so long but im tryna get incentive for the zine yknow

since you said you liked him here
he is again! his name is kiwi

since you said you liked him here he is again! his name is kiwi

he sends you a hug!

he sends you a hug!

So I heard you like cats…

He’s not a hairless boi but he is a pretty wink wonk boi

miss--kiwi asked:
Hi hello I lov your prince fic it's a Gift 

hello i love you??

Bby you're beautiful. Your Prince x Prince fic? BEAUTIFUL. I will toss those anons to the fire. 

it’s alright no one’s harassing me but thank you 😊